Bu Is A Who

March 3, 2019


This week is "Dr. Seuss" week for Bu, at school. 

Today is "who hair" day. Bu is "Biyuley Boo Who."


She was so excited! Nicki did her hair up perfect. She looked like she walked right out of "Whoville."


Lu; healing nicely now; was excited for her sister and wanted her picture taken too.


You would be amazed what hair can do with pipe cleaners, elastics, and bobby pins. Oh, and don't forget a little hair spray.


The next day was crazy sock day.


Once again Nicki dosen't fail to deliver. She had Bu looking the part in no time. 


The theme she went with was "Nightmare Before Christmas" which is a favorite in their house.

She looked the perfect part when Nicki, was finished.


Remember that you don't have to have a lot of money or spend a fortune to make your kids look great.


A little creativity and a good imagination will do just fine. 


Thursday was "Horton hears a Bu" and of course Bu wanted to be Horton. He's the greatest!


Most parents purchase this costume,

but when your pinching pennies, and dressing a child as a different character for a week, you learn to create costumes, and become inventive.



A coat hanger or heavy pipe cleaners, can be bent into ears. Just slide into the sleeves of an old t- shirt (preferably gray) and sew. Secure it to an old headband if you have one. You may need an additional piece of elastic to tame the ears.


For a tail, just stuff a gray sock and either secure it on a elastic band, as Nicki did or sew to an old shirt or sweater. Using pants and shirts they already have in the color they need is perfect.


Pick a theme you can create with things around your house like Nicki did.


Friday was the last day for Suess week and everyone went in pajama's for story time. Out of the bed and right to school! That was easy.


This family is always utilizing old clothes and toys for costumes and dress up days. 

Search through your storage areas and garages. You never know what you can come up with.










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