Magical Places

March 1, 2019



Sometimes when you get lost you end up in the most amazing magical places. That's when I usually find, I was never lost at all, but right where I was meant to be.


My husband, children, and I found the most incredible lost not, place. We, on one of our adventures to explore, thought we were lost. We had a set place in mind, however our lackadaisical navigation skills led us to a completly different location.


It was beyond beautiful, and whispered of magical creatures and legends. The spring near by, due to the recent rain, caused the waters to rush rapid and loudly over the rocks below the old wooden bridge.


The majestic mountains and thick forest were all around us. Right in the center lay this awe inspiring lake.


The wildlife was abundunt, and deer were so close to us.


We love hiking and exploring and this place gave us so much of both. The old mine off one of the trails was an excellent addition to our explorations.



The children had the best time just playing in the gravel, running, exploring, and sitting by the water. 




The long boardwalk


that crossed the lake gave us a spectacular panoramic view.




There are little benches along the way for fishing or just enjoying the amazing views.


The sunset over the lake in this incredible paradise was astonishing. I was in awe of the beauty.




Seeing my children, just at the waters edge made the view even more breathtaking.




These prodigious grounds have so many activities for nature lovers. Hiking trails run everywhere.







There is a pioneer campground, RV camping, tent camping, paddle boat rental,


canoe and kayak rental, as well as fishing.


Down one of the trails there is an old mining cave you can explore and even a playground for kids.


We took so many pictures so we would always remember the incredible find we had made.






We wanted to remember that lost is sometimes right where you need to be, for adventure to be found.


James H. Floyd State Park is a 561-acre Georgia State Park located near Summerville at the base of Taylor Ridge. Visit state and National Parks. There exciting, cheap, and entertaining to all ages. 






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