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March 5, 2019


 A mother and daughter bond is a beautiful thing.


Your daughter takes your heart the moment she arrives. Some of the best times you share are when they are young. Every laugh, smile,



cry, fit,

"Who used all the Blueberry Syrup?"


hug, kiss, and "I love you", will echo through your mind forever.


Memories that can never be removed, and a love so great you'll want to drown in it. As they grow, you will want to be apart of every aspect of their future. You want to save them from any pain, or heartache  you went through.


We all know to well, that is just not possible.


However, we can guide them, and shape them into the amazing and respectful ladies they will one day become. We can teach them to be strong, and independent.


Not to be afraid to ask questions or ask for help, but rely on their own instincts and intuition to guide them.


We teach them to navigate those choppy waters solo first, that way they become leaders and never a follower.


The women in this family have fought hard to make sure each female can not only hold her own, but compete in a crazy world that changes daily. 


We don't teach them to shun love, however we do teach them they don't need a partner to succeed. Our children are strong from the running. They are smart, determined, and motivated. 

Most of all they are loved.


We will never make our daughters feel they need someone else to achieve their goals in life. A partner should compliment you and work beside you, so you can both grow your ambitions and dreams.


That is what we demand for our children.


Their the better part of us.



Their our heritage, and maybe if we did it right, people will become better friends, teachers, neighbors, partners, employers, and parents, because they are here.


Please DO NOT make any mistakes about our intentions. Don't bring your violence, or criminal activities around our people. 

We're very protective of our children, and we are predators.


And for those few idiots who will try to buck our system or our rules; we can be very persuasive parents.












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