Let's Catch A Leprechaun!




How do you catch a Leprechaun? Well, you have to think rich! They love gold so a gold coin is perfect bait.


Bu's school project is a Leprechaun trap. Don't this look so homely and inviting. 

All the comforts the little Irishman could want lay right here.



This little house has a ladder to climb up into the main entry of this cozy, and open floor plan home. The lovely patio area has table and chair inviting a barbeque. There is a shiney pebble pathway, and lush green grass to sink your feet in.


Nicky and Bu thought of everything. Even the tempting gold coin. What Leprechaun could resist?


Unfortunately, this beautiful place is a trap. 

Before he gets to the coin he will fall through the trap door, not to be hurt. Don't worry. Remember, Leprechauns are tricky little fellows. 

Once in the secret trap, Bu, will hear him scrambling round and check the hatch.


From this side door, Bu, will be able to obtain her 3 wishes and release the little Irish man.


What a great way to spend St. Patrick's day with children.


Good luck Bu!


May the luck of the Irish be ever on your side!






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