Never in a Box!

March 11, 2019


Never live your life in a box.


You, will never see every wonderful thing life has to offer if you do. Step outside your comfort zone. The bravest people are afraid of the unknown, yet they still are bold enough to take a chance. 

Know one is going to hand pack your life full of wonderful and perfect things, people, and places. You, at one, will have to decide on where your life will lead you and guide it in that direction. You, will choose who will help you accomplish your goals and who will not. You, will have to pack your own "life bag."


I always tell my children that paths will change, so what may have seemed like a good direction may have to be adjusted. It dosen't mean that what you want in life is unobtainable; it means you may have to take a different road to it. Nothing you want badly enough; thats worth your time; is ever easy to get. I personaly belive every struggle in life makes us stronger for the next hit. Eventually, your an expert at letting the blows roll off and learning where the wins come from.


Take chances. Not crazy ones that will land you in jail or worse, but ones that will gaurantee your successful future. Do things you have been afraid to do, but know it would improve your life or the life of your family. Be bold enough to make the jump from the safety of the bench to the circus. You will be a better person and much happier in the end because you took a chance.


Failure is not the end of the road. Some people fail hundreds of times before the correct path is revealed. Your learning as you go. Failure is part of life's tougher classes. I call it the advanced class for winners. If you don't fail some, you have never succeeded. Learn from every mistake and write them down. You will never; hopefully; repeat them. Fail simply means, Futures Are In Learning. 

Success comes when the learning is almost complete and the path to your destination is clear. Whatever that may be. The most successful people in life achieved opulence by choosing a path and sticking fast to it. Even, when arduous "fail classes" were a must take, many times. Never give up, never stop moving in your choosen direction, and never doubt that you will eventually WIN.


Good luck to all the graduates, up and coming. I hope you find your path rich with all life has to offer. 



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