March 15, 2019


Teach your children lying is wrong or they'll learn the hard way.


I hate to speak with people; especially a child; and everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie.


If you don't want your business known, Im ok with that.


Say nothing. I'll get the message. However, don't concoct an elaborate story of your wonderful, exciting life, family, and finances when everyone knows, "We all have Issues."

Even I, God help us, have my issues.


I don't share all my problems publicly but I will not lie about their existence.


More people need to shut up or just tell the freakin truth.


Look, we all have things going on in our lives that upset us. We all have people that disappoint us at some time or another. We, have to choose how we are going to handle it.

We, can choose to become better individuals because of our adversities.


We can use them to teach our children, as well as others about strength, over coming weakness, and survival.

There is no need to pretend to be someone or something your not.


So, to all you Perfect Pennies and Dapper Dan's, we know your real story,

or enough of it.


We, could care less about the lies you tell. Make up washes off,


your still ugly, and lies arise in the end. So, good luck with that.


For the rest of you ; like Wackidawen; 




with real problems, and challenges you fight with, struggle through, and know one day you will defeat, we stand with you.


Teach and tell the truth. Even when it hurts.

Lying is never better and I always find the truth makes for a better story.


High five to the families who do have the perfect life. I'm sure you are few, and I never hear you bragging. Why? Because Mis. Karma, 


always travels with Mis. Fortune


and pissing either off never ends well.

For the genuine: smile, and let the sunshine in your life. We, need more like you!


The truth can be hard to say or hear, but lies are a cowards way of getting, and receiving attention.






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