We're Going on A Trip!

March 19, 2019



We're going on a trip! Best words ever said to children.


Whats even better is it doesn't have to be elaborate or far. Children just love the adventure.


At least ours do.


Wheather hiking,


camping, fishing, day adventurers to new parks,


or over night adventurers,


our children, as well as the adults have the best time. 

We cast our positivity net wide so we're assured a great time.


Even if nothing goes as planned or as we would like. Which happens with our families more times than not.


We always try our best to laugh when things go horribly wrong and look for the sun on the other side of the storm.


We know that real adventurers are never really lost only traveler's


documenting a life of new crusades.


We enjoy new places. Especially when we find most are so close to home.


Children dont need fancy things, electronics, or tv.


All they need is you. Their, parents. 


Visit a local park or mountain.


Visit a State or National Park.


Any of those will put a wide smile on a child's face. Pack some snacks and drinks. Plan for a day. Most parks are free and the state parks are $5.00 for day parking.


There is a website that makes looking for state and national parks amazing for kids of all ages. Geocatching is a treasure hunt app that you log into and "Join the Worlds Largest Treasure Hunt."


Activities for kids don't get much better.


If your children are ADHD or just full of energy, this event will keep them moving, and really wear them out. You would be amazed at the family fun you will have treasure hunting.


So come on. Lets Explore! 

Life is short! Take it from some people who fight the grim often. 

Let go of things that just don't matter, and explore.

There are so many things to do for free, so don't stress the big money things.


Children are happy either way if you raise them to be.



Happy Hunting!






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