It's St. Patrick's Day!

March 17, 2019





We here at Wackidawen, wish you a very Lucky, St. Patrick's Day!


How ever you choose to celebrate we wish to say 


Cheers Mates! This @Guinness is for you!


As for us? We will be putting Nicki's Leprechaun Trap


to good use and trying to catch us some wee people.


We know the wee one's  have all the good pints stashed away,


and we intend to find them.


For the lass that doesn't enjoy a good pint; we can't imagine; we'll be serving up some other favorites. Like the Emerald Sunrise, and a few other frilly drinks.


For Tea, will be eating some wonderful Beef Stew; just like mum used to make. The recipe for my favorite is in the link below. @LandOLakes has a delicious Irish Beef Stew that can be whipped up in no time.

LandOLakes Irish Stew   


You know what goes great with Irish Beef Stew? Of course, @Guinness! It's a party after all! So drink up! But please; as always; drink responsibly, and designate a driver. We want you around for the party next year!


Everyone is Irish on March 17th; it doesn't matter what your background may be. Wackidawen is no exception. Here, the kids love to dress up, and start with the stamps and stickers. 


They are in Patty Mode to locate and find some green.


 They don't care if it's tacky!


They're kids, it's suppose to be tacky!


As long as it's green. Clothes are the number one thing on their scavenger list. 


Then hair bows,


paint, and even makeup if found in any color green. 

These kids can rock a St. Patrick's Day party.


They have the Irish spirit, combined with some wonderful Irish Luck.


They have passion, charisma,


charm, and they know how to trap a Leprechaun.


So for this Irish holiday; for this St. Patrick's Day; we say cheers to the wee ones.


We will celebrate a time old tradition with family


and friends. We'll laugh, sing and remember our ancestors, as well as our heritage.


Then, after our great Irish meal and drinks we will close our day with remembrance and plan for good fortune in the great year to come. 









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