I love our life!

April 3, 2019







There is nothing better than being at the Library, with your children,


watching them learn new things,


and then, dashing off to discover new places.


We, are adventurers after all. 

The satisfaction I get from homeschooling is eminence. 

All my children either homeschool, or want to homeschool their children, some day.


Spending every moment I can with them is a blessing. Not only do they get the academic subjects they need, but they get life skills, as well. I feel those are just as important to learn. 

Please, don't think for one moment that we live in a perfect place, or have perfect lives. We, have our struggles and face our share of trials, as most people do.


We have just learned how to deal with them in a unique and better way than continuous stress, and bickering.


You can't get this kind of training, or involvement in an institution. 

Lets face it; most kids hate schools. I don't know many kids that "hate" homeschool.


I'm so very thankful for every moment we get to spend with them. They grow up so freakin, fast! 






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