Easter! April 21, 2019

April 22, 2019









Wow! This Easter was amazing.


I always take alot of video and photos. I'm sure everyone has 'Freeze Fever' by day's end. 

This isn't even all of us. Just the few assembled for the haphazard, hunt. 


However, in a group this big, your lucky if everyone assembles, or pays attention at the same time. 

Since we only get together like this on holidays, our mouths run constantly.


There's alot to catch up on!




So we catch a good pic as we can. By holloring, "freeze!"







Most times it works.











I'm sure at some point, the way we travel about the yard, porch, and house, the neighbors thought we were a flash mob.







These memories are priceless, and will always be remembered with love.


Easter Egg Hunts, of course are tradition. All the kids enjoy the hunt. 










Then, there is always the beloved cash eggs







my sister, and her husband do. 


It's like throwing meat to hungry dogs.


They are quick and ruthless in their pursuit of the eggs. 

Don't be fooled by size either.









The wee ones may be more fierce than the older kids. 

In the words of, Arrow:


"Their not babies. Their gnomes, who sit, watch, make their plans, then attack."






As always, each family gives thanks for family and everything received, at our own homes, before we gather together. This is important to us, because we all give thanks differently. 

Its OK to be very unique. It's the glitter glue that make our families amazing. 

We're very different, but stand together.



As with all our holiday functions, food is important.


We love to eat Granddaddy's chicken! Everyone likes the sirloin tip he cooks, as well. Seems like Momma, never leaves the kitchen.




When all food has left the grill, and everyone has what they requested, Granddaddy,


takes his well deserved nap.


This year we had the great pleasure to add new family, with another birthday to boot! Welcome CJ and Cassey! Welcome Isabelle!





hope your birthday was the best day ever!











Of course, as life and circumstance would have it, not all our family could be here today, and they were missed, dearly. 





Still, great things come from these gatherings. My niece's, father died a few years ago from a bacterial infection he caught after a kidney, and pancreas transplant. The doner of that kidney was, my sister.




kept a few favorite shirts of her father, and decided to have stuffed rabbits made from them. Her twins, as well as her sister's children each received a special hare, complete with a picture of their father wearing the shirt.


It was a awesome gift that will never stop giving.





Im so thankful for all of my family and the great times shared together. I enjoy every single moment, and those moments don't come without the hard times, and tough trials of life.


Never the less, I believe that with each arduous, onerous moment in life, we create astonding, breathtaking moments, and those are what we strive for. Those are the precious points in time I, hold to.























Nothing exceptional comes cheap, or easy, and my family; OUR FAMILY; is worth any obstacle, or encumbrance we, may face.


I hope your Easter was as spectacular as ours. 

Putting personal beliefs aside, I hope each of you had, or will have; from this day forward; the most merriest of days to come.







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