Cave Springs, Georgia

April 26, 2019


Well, we finally made it to Cave Springs, GA!

It is truly a 'not lost' place for us. The cold, clear, creek water flows quickly, over cobble pebbles and stones, to the manmade pool. The pool fills with water from the creek and the guest love it. It was so refreshing on a hot spring day. So many people had come to swim on this practically perfect day.

The girls were having a blast playing in the water, and around the little bridge.

You may want water shoes for your children, because some stones in the creek can be rough to walk on.

Whats so lovely about this spot is, the kids can play in the creek, and it's not to deep. You don't have to worry about them being swept away.

However, this dosen't mean don't watch your children, of course.

If they get tired of the water, no problem. There is a great playground for the kids who would rather not, get wet.

The cave in the park; the water pours from; is open for tours every weekend. You can see where it comes out the mountain and pools in the cave. It's incredible. It is a little muddy and very slippery. Bring grippy shoes!

People travel many miles to fill bottles and jugs with the fresh spring water, known for it's healing abilities. We filled 3 gallon containers!

Barbeque grills are placed around the creek and near the pavillions, that are available for rent. Family's gather for barbeques in the spring and summer almost ever day. Nothing beats free, and it is such great entertainment for children. 

There's even a bed and breakfast in the park for us, out of town visitors.

For those who are fitness fanatics or just love to walk, there is a nice trail around the most beautiful pond that, also is fed by the mountain stream. It even comes complete with ducks.

Don't forget to Eat at Joes! Great barbeque. There is a steak house on the square; across from the gazebo; and if you can get in they have pretty good eats.

The antique shops are amazing and you can find some really good deals. The old fashioned ice cream shop invokes feelings of nostalgia.

I would like to point out that, Cave Springs is home to the very popular school for deaf. It's one of the best school for deaf, and hearing impaired, in the country and I myself attend when young. 

If you love places off the beaten path, and someplace your family will enjoy, you are going to love Cave Springs, Georgia.






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