I'm gonna choke 'em out.

May 2, 2019




It was supposed to be a snack between classes. However, these two have turned a snack into a @Cheetos competition. 


I'm gonna choke them both. Talk about, pushing the maybe baby! Try me more than once today, they have.


I know Cheetos are good, but Chester better jump back to the jungle! When they start arguing, you want to lock them in a trunk, and tell them "this game is called, Houdini and I'll see you when you get out." 

Of course I'd throw the @Cheetos in first.


Some days you, wish you had the ears of your hearing impaired neice. Even, a very dark room that randomly sprayed water at children, when they spoke would work.


Hey, we all have moments. Don't pretend you don't. There is no such thing as the prefect parent. I will never pretend to be. 


At this point duck tape is looking real good!


When your child has ADHD, there are many moments in their childhood you think "he won't survive the day." Then you take a deep breath, remember he's 10, then think "he won't survive the day."


Add a teenager; whom discovered she knows everything; and the problems multiply.


Can we say Miss. Attitude? 

On this day we; meaning these two; had cramps in their fingers from writing, due to their behavior.


Well, things aren't always Ray's of Hope, and love over here. 'No body,' and 'I dont know,' are accused of most incidents. 

Sometimes, the thunder booms, lightning strikes, many times, and the rain pours down.

How do we get through it? Sore backsides, or grounding. 

Do we have great children? Absolutely!


Don't think for one moment that horrible things you think aren't normal. We, all have pillow case, and paddle moment's. 

What makes us great parents is not acting on the angry moment's, and focusing on the problems. 

We, love our children, but we, want them to grow up with respect and good morals. 

Remember, Morals can be taught by stories or life experiences passed down from generation's. Not just rules placed before a child. Our, children love stories, and past experiences of family, and friends. Their, experiences before us, are what we, learn from.




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