Happy Mother's Day! For My Mother

May 12, 2019


I wish every Mother a very happy Mother's Day. I hope your hearts near burst with love that pours on you, your special day, and everyday.


However, one woman in particular has my greatest admiration, and love. She is my lighthouse in the dark, and the reason I'm here to live my extraordinary life.


My wonderful, Mother, who is always near with a positive word or few. She, always puts family first, even when she's not feeling her best. She forgoes her own wants, needs, to help her family, and friends.


Every mother is special, no matter what or who they are. Without them their would be no, you

I just want to let my mother know, your the bridge between islands. You calm the angriest storms, and temper any flame that may try to burn.


You never waiver in your love, loyalty, or commitment to your family. Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed. Your the foundation for which our, families stand. We are strong, independent, smart, stubborn, goal orientated, careful, and amazing. 

We don't acknowledge quit and although we can be hurt, or become ill, we will never be defeated or destroyed, because you layed that foundation pebble by, practically perfect, pebble. Thank you, Mom.


I know life with us, all, at times has been stressful, to say the least, and each one of us, can present challenges. We're all at the mercy of God, and our own devises when it comes to health. However, your always the first to anchor us back to the bridge, pull us off the pitty train and remind us who we are. As if we could ever forget.

Your smile is the light in the darkness. Your laugh makes our cheeks hurt, because we can't stop smiling. Your kiss can heal any wound and your love is unconditional and endless. 

Your, quite simply, amazing, and we were lucky enough to get you. Who new such fascinating, wonderful, things could be in such small packaging? We did. 

Your an incredible, grandmother, and great, grandmother. 


For all of this, I will forever be indebted to you. Your, my hero, mommy. I love you more than space, larger than heaven, and longer than time. I want you to know how very much I appreciate everything you do for me. We, all do.

The family, will never need a guardian angel because we have you. Thank you, Mom.

I want you to know, from me, and all the family, We, so very much love you.


The title, Best Mom/Momma, Ever, was taken the day you, became one. 

Happy Mother's Day everyday, Mom.

You're forever blessed with all the wonderous love you gifted, and created.




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