Dinner with friends

May 15, 2019


Everyone needs a friend. Not only for socialization, but for mental well being. A friend allows us to vent, share, and acknowledge who we are.


I'm not talking about an acquaintance, but a friend. They are fundamental to personal growth. Partners and family are key components in our lives, absolutely. However, a friend is a seperate kind of bond. 

Some people have friends they grew up with, while some add new friends as they grow, or their life changes.


I, know there are some who will argue my spouse, or my partner, is my best friend. I, think thats an undeniable truth, but we all, still need other social relationships outside immediate family for mental stability. Strickly, friendships.


Friends are amazing. They allow us to step outside normal life for a moment. To be seen by someone who dosen't love us because family, ties us together. We, may sometimes consider friends family, and thats normal. They are still friends, also.


With a friend, you can express ambivalence we may, or may not feel we should. They, may be equitable to are plight where family may be biased.


Sometimes we need to hear, or see things, from a different perspective. To  hear truths from someone who will not just accede with our belief. Everyone, needs grounding at one point in life, or another, and a friend is the perfect stabilization platform.


This weekend we had the pleasure of going to dinner with some of our, wonderful friends.


Seeing the table full of chatter, and laughter made my spirits soar. It was a cherished couple hours we rarely take. My family, and I, were very grateful for their friendship, and the time we spent together.


Friends, are the balance in life that make our world brighter, and these guys are a wonderful addition to ours.  They're the effervescence our lives needed.


Friends, are a quintessential part of life. 


Take some moments with friends. They're, a precious commodity for everyone.



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