The Renaissance Festival

May 24, 2019


This was Renaissance weekend.



We planned it for months so everyone in the family could be there together. We, all purchased tickets early so there wouldn't be any problems.


Four of the families arrived together.


Two families met us there. However, sadly, three of the older children and one family member couldn't come. Work, took precedence this time, and for some, it just wasn't a good time. 

I know the whole family, won't always be available for everything. I just wish, once in a while, we could all come together with the understanding that life is short. Though we may be busy we, are never to busy to take a small moment for each other. Still, I was happy some made it.


The Renaissance Festival was so crowed. We arrived early for good parking, and to beat some of the heat. 






The kids were so excited to be together, and on an adventure. Walking up to the gate always brings that wonderful emotion; anticipation.


Hearing the kids giggle with excitement made all of us happy. We tell ourselves "it's for the kids" when we enjoy it as much as they do!


As we arrived at the gate pirates, and other figures from days gone, bellowed out to the crowd to come, and rewind time. Step into the past and enjoy.

Upon entering we were inundated with smells. The children, first noticed the faries; which, by the way you can have a tea party with.


Then there was the 🐉 dragon, I, chose to call puff, but the kids called Pete.


Everyone of the women in the family love dragons, of course he was very popular. Stevie, and Nicki snuggled in for a picture too.


Then we came upon the gargoyle. This guy has been here since my kids were babies. He never seems to change, but then, gargoyle's are immortal. Usually he has a female gargoyle with him, and I, wondered where she was. I would have liked to get the same picture again with the kids older.


All the kids but Lu got a hug. She wasn't to sure of the stone being. Bu, however found him amazing.



For Bu, a being this special deserved to meet Victor ( a tiny stuffed cat she has carried since she was an infant). Her Woobie. We all have one, or at least most of my family do.





As we made our way through the crowd we, noticed a belly dancer with a hula hoop, and her 🎻 violinist tempting observers to come into their shop and dress the part. They had many costumes.


There were so many new shops, and shows. New venders were set up all along the pathways. You could watch some create their handmade crafts. There was a blacksmith forging swords, a glass blower, and many others.


The buildings were in perfect harmony with the era, and everything felt so authentic. Even the dusty dirt parthways, and roads were in sync.






The pirate wenches took time to take a picture with Arrow, which made him extremely happy. He said the place was filled with boobs. He wasn't complaining.



Of course saucy girls have to stick together, and we captured the awesome moment! 


It's a girl thing. 


Nicki decided James should look more the part and braided his beard pirate style. Next year, she plans to add flowers. 


Doesn't he look so excited! 



All the rides are operated by ropes, wood, and human hands. There is nothing mechanical. The slide is 3 stories of fun the children love to takle.



The girls, wanted the flowered head wreaths which is tradition. They vary in price from twelve to twenty five dollars.




The wait to get on any ride was incredibly short. The price, per child, wasn't that bad. I, would however, recommend coming with cash. At least two hundred dollars. You, will be glad you did.


Mr. Snorkles, was a pet pig who had his own show. Now, I'm not fond of pigs as pets, but Mr. Snorkles had the wow factor, and more. He even had a top hat.



Another, fabulous attraction for the kids, was the camel ride. They seated them according to size. The bigger kids in back and smaller in front. This attraction was a little pricey at six dollars a child, for once round the grassy knoll.




Momma and Granddaddy wanted to browse the handmade crafts. The hair accessories, clothes, and swords are always the go to items. However, this year the jewelry, trinkets, and lawn paraphernalia were enough to keep interest peeked.



The food smells were causing stomachs to rumble. The food and drink is one of the main reasons for going. Everything delicious to eat or drink is covered. From turkey legs, potatoes, and pub crawls, to pineapple whips, hotdogs, and steak on sticks. There is a plethora of different places to fill your belly.


At every festival or carnival you see the painted character signs with a hole cut out so you can put your face through. Our children still love them, and I love to have the saved moments on film.




People come to the Renaissance Festival dressed in character. I love to see all the different costumes and cosplay outfits.


The Village Idiot was hilarious! His facial expressions said everthing.


The grim was an imposing, but awesome figure.



While Momma, Granddaddy, and my family and I ate and rested Stevie, Nicki, 


Zoey, and their families went to the playground.  Entertaining the little ones is a full time job. 

My sister and Craig, her husband, ran into close friends of their family. At that point sadly we all went are seperate ways, and Momma and Granddaddy, exhausted, went home. 


Stevie, and Nicki, Zoey, and Dee left a few minutes later. The smaller children were wore out from play, and walking. Lots of walking.







The girls did get there faces painted before leaving. They were so beautiful.




Sunshine Ladybug


Cheeky Monkey




My family, and I, made our way up to the sword ship, before looping around to leave. We looked around the shop, and on the way out found the 'Game of Thrones' sword throne. You know we had to get a picture. 


No, my children have not seen the show. They have seen pictures and commercials of the sword chair.   


Yes, they were real swords as the sign says, and sharpe. You had to be very carful putting your arms down.


On the way down to the exit Arrow, saw 'Ghosts of the Abyss' haunted ship, and begged to go in.


This attraction cost five dollars a person to enter. Arrow is definitely still my little boy. He didn't like the loud noises, or the things jumping out at him. Even though AppleJac, was with him, when things started touching him, he, had enough. Wren, and I, could hear him screaming Mimi, across the path in. He told the man he could keep the five dollars, just let him out. AppleJac, had to see him safely out the door to us.


AppleJac saw the hypnosis show and asked to watch it. So, we stoped again. The hypnotist, asked for a few people to come on stage, and the Jac went up.



I dont have to tell you, she, is an easy target. He just loved her. He said sleep and over she went. 


Yeap. That's a stranger she's hugging to get warm in 98 degree weather.


Well, I guess that's one way to meet guys.


Both the kids saw the log jousting, which is something they had wanted to do all day, so we stopped to play.





After grabing one more picture in The Pillory, and The Pitt of Misery, we, were out the gate. When we reached the car we were all exhausted. 

When we finally made it home we slept the rest of the day and night.




Vist the @GeorgiaRenaissanceFestival. It's not just for the kids.





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