Bu is Graduating K4

May 28, 2019




Just look at our Bu! Five years old and graduating K4 while the world lay at her feet.
She has love and respect for every living thing on earth. With candor on all issues, she understands the place of every living thing. She treats everyone how she would want you to treat her.  


Our little Lu, also makes the world a happier place and on this day she was very excited for her sister. She eagarly awaits her turn on the graduate stage.


Watching Bu walk up onto the stage brought a rush of feelings. First, the sadness that our baby was growing up so fast. Then anxiety, because I wanted to stop time and just enjoy the small moments. Last, fear, for what the future may hold for her.


However, stronger than any other emotion was the love we felt for her. We were both so very proud of Bu today. James, and I, love our children so very much.  I, instill in my children the lessons my father and mother taught me so they will become miraculous women.



Bu, sang with such conviction. She was so proud of herself and we were so very proud of her. She had practiced hard for weeks on the songs they sang and now she finally got to show the whole family her amazing talent. 

We were so grateful that many family members came to join us on our daughters special day.



When she walked up to receive her diploma I, could barely hold back the tears.  James, and I, both felt nostalgic. I'm pretty sure the whole family was fighting back tears.



My sister Zoey, and her husband came with the twins and I'm sure she envisioned her future, twice. I know it will be rough on her watching both her babies at the same time. 



After the ceremony we took pictures with her teachers and finally had a chance to visit with the family. We were crazy beforehand getting ready. Trying to seat everyone and making sure the pictures were taken didn't leave much time for visiting before the ceremony. Thats just our life in temporary chaos.


Bu was ecstatic that her cousins were there. She wanted them all to see that she did it. She graduated!




We take all opportunities to see the family and this was no exception. Seeing everyone together and happy brought peace to my world. So, chaos controlled.


Her Pop Pop, came from an important meeting to be at this monumental event. He couldn't miss the baby graduating! My mom and grandmother would have moved planets to be here. 


My sister has so much going on with the twins right now. Illness, tubes and doctors, yet here she stands with family in tow. Now, thats some more kind of love. She will always be my wing girl and I hers. I'm so thankful she could make it to Bu's, special day.



Now, as James, the girls, and I, prepare for the summer and new adventures we reflect on the past year and how rewarded we are.



Seems like yesterday Bu and I had muffins for mom and James was riding them around the lawn. I still get week in the knees when I read "All about my Mom."




The year went so fast. Yet, I still can't imagine what these graduations must feel like for my mother or grandmother. Emotion overload for sure.


I can't fathom how James, or I will feel in the future and it would be ambiguous to try.


I do know watching your child graduate and prepairing yourself for their departure to adults can never be easy.


As we made or way out of the nave everyone gathered to give Bu hugs and gifts. 

Momma brought special gifts for Bu, and Lu. Lu couldn't wait to open hers and Bu has a new cuddle owl she absolutely adores. It's a new friend for Victor (a stuffed 🐱 cat that is her woobie).


Bu was so overwhelmed by the love of her family. My sister created an awesome grad themed basket for her that had so many goodies. She racked up on the loot.


My mother gave her a colorful, and lovely bouqet of flowers and Bu, was thrilled.


Lu, was enjoying every minute because, of course, she had AppleJac with her.


When we got home and she was all tucked in for bed Bu, asked for all the stuffed animals she had received. She wanted to sleep with them all. 

No toy left behind. Victor has many playmates now!


Thank you everyone for making our daughters graduation amazing. We appreciate everything and love you all. 

Wackidawen would like to say to all 2019 Graduates, Congratulations! Have a Wondrous and Prosperous life and Best Wishes for the coming years! 

Now, bring on the adventure!







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