Do you remember Motel Hell?

June 25, 2019


Do you remember Motel Hell? If you don't, or have never heard of it you should check it out.

Motel Hell, was a 1980, horror - dark comedy film distributed by @MGM_Studios @UnitedArtist.  

In it farmer Vincent and his sister Ida run the comfy Motel Hello which sits on their farm. However, the "O" on the neon sign has trouble staying lit.

They’re convenient, welcoming accommodations and smoked-meats which they advertise have no preservatives have made them famous. Dressed in their overalls, and a television always on the religious station, they are the epitome of wholesome American. 

However, Vincent the Bible quoter and Ida have a secret. They don't get their meat from normal; animal; means. They get it by trapping, fattening, and butchering unsavory and annoying people like bikers, prostitutes, adulterers, and drug addicts. After all, who would miss them anyway? With them removed life would be exceptional for the real Americans. Who wouldn't want that, right?

Besides they do taste better than any animal byproduct right? 


Well, suffice it to say that there are places; like Motel Hell; you should just not eat. 

If you ask "what's good" and the person waiting on you looks at you with a slow creepy grin it's never good. If, with that creepy grin they tell you "our meats are prepared fresh daily " Just leave. Maybe not run out but definitely make hast.


When you walk in a restaurant and your the center of attention even after seating; unless your, like, Donald Trump famous; leave! That is never a good sign.

If when seated you are the centerpiece for constant whispering and endless staring, leave. Least you be up to your neck in problems.

There are so many good places to eat. Don't waste time on something that may not end well.






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