Never Again

July 4, 2019


When my Maltese died I vowed to never have another pet. The pain of losing that family member was terrible and the thought of losing another to great.


My Rouge was the sweetest most loving little thing. More than that she could alert to epilepsy. As small as she was she stayed by my side during some difficult medical issues. I miss her and will always. 


My doctor advised me to seek an Epilepsy alert animal and told me a retriever or Poodle would be best. My children have allergies so a retriever was out. I loved the thought of a new puppy but I wasn't sure I was ready. My husband definitely was not.

Thinking about what the doctor said I put out some feelers to see price and poodle types. The more I looked the less I thought I needed one and my list of excuses was growing.

Then as if by some weird fate. This little guy popped up on a website I was browsing.


I informed my doctor of my interest and made the call.

Now here I am 4 years later, eating my delicious crow. Yes. I have found and procured a new family pet. He is a 3 month old Standard Parti Poodle; Parti meaning Particularly Colored.


I hope I can stand the test of potty training a new pup. He has not taken to me and he is suppose to be a service animal for me. The rest of the family he seems to love. I'm not going to push it. If he never takes to me then my family has a new pet.


He really is a cutie, however I do hope we can come to an understanding so I can benefit also from him.


The children and my husband; who was adamant about not wanting the dog; have fallen head over heels for him. AppleJac and Arrow feel we are a complete family now. 

Who knew? I thought we were already! I do understand their need for a dog. They just make you happy and their unconditional love speaks volumes for a child.


We are looking forward to many years with this little man.

Welcome George! We already love you so.






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