Stop Wanting

September 3, 2019


Stop wanting, hoping, wishing and praying that the perfect person is going to magically appear in your life. Stop thinking that mystical person is going to save you from your problems. Their not. Only you can do that.


At some point everyone has to take responsiblity for their life and actions and fix as many problems as possible. 


I'm not saying you can't  ask for assistance. I'm just stating that you can not depend on someone else to fix your life for you. It's not going to happen.  


Learn to be more assertive. Not aggressive. Evaluate what you want in life then go after it. On your own terms. Not by waiting for the right partner or by someone else's guidelines. 


Build your own bridge to your new world. You will fill so much more gratification from your own achievements. Accomplished life goals are euphoric. Your spirit and morale is elevated by each one fulfilled.


The perfect person is not out there. The truth is no one will carry you forever. At some point the wanting has to stop and the self action has to occur. At what point are you going to be in your life when you choose you.


What are your life goals? Make a plan. Start small. Plan your road to success and make your dreams reality.  Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. With hard work, planning, and an eager willingness you can achieve almost anything.



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