Not Our Children.

October 19, 2019



My granddaughters hand is in mine, my husband and daughter are beside us and I never felt a sickness like I do today. "Pray and don't worry."  I have to remind myself often these past few weeks. 

As I sit in this office, praying; holding back all the emotions I want to scream out loud; I look around and realize every parent and grandparent must have the same sentiment. 


Illness of any kind imposes duress on its victim and their families. But the mention of a child and illness strikes us to our core. For the parents in this office it hits every cell to the very soul.


"Oncology" or "Hematologist" are never words you want to hear. Put them in a sentence with child or children and you might as well kill a parent. They can't fall apart or cry constantly. They can't wish away their fears or ignore them. They must face the adversary with unyielding fortitude and valor. Yet, misery, sorrow, and helplessness are still there like wounds that won't heal. 


What you will see from these parents are their magnificent suits of armour they must put on each day. Shrewd suits that prepare for emotional battles, physical struggles, and financial hardships. They prepare for pity, never grief. Constantly sharpening their wits, as to be educated in all aspects of the battle they are about to endure. These parents know the best way to stop an envision is with knowledge of your opponent. 


They have to be strong, resourceful, emotionally invulnerable and without a doubt infallible in their effort to conquer anything that threatens their children's lives. They must be a coach, mentor, advisor, champion, and advocate for their children. Weakness is never discussed; only options, opportunity and success. 


But, please don't take for granted, or forget the amazing men and women that treat these children and their families on a daily basis. Medical professionals that also gear up for all obstacles everyday and teach bravery and heroism while prescribing lots of care and compassion. 

Doctors, scientists, nurses, technicians, and medical staff with their never ending commitment to find cures that will ultimately heal the precious children with sovereign wills. 


Today, we, were fortunate. 

Presently; as we, are called back for round two and more tests; old fears unnecessarily play in my head.  Once again I'm called to remember my own testament and belief I teach my children; "If your going to worry, don't pray. If your going to pray don't worry."

Now as I keep reminding myself of my own words; I once again throw this too, up to God.

I admire, commiserate, and pray for each parent dealing with adversities.They will; regardless of want; be an awakening, catalyst and encouragement for every parent thereafter. 

Though hostility may arise from time to time; we are human; these parents will reign. Their indomitable and indefatigable, vigor will ultimately prevail.





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