2019, Reflections

January 3, 2020



I watched her sit there. The mournful smile on her beatiful face. Seventy three and still so much style and youth about her.

Mortality and loss never far from her thoughts. Wondering if her heart will give her another year. She, is the foundation for this family and as they grow, they grow apart. 

How much she would love to keep them close and always be home to protect them. To teach them what they need to know; to comfort them.

They are her lineage, her life.  

They unwrap the presents, they eat, and drink, never feeling or seeing the quiet pain stirring inside her. She loves them all so much.


She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, who would give her last breath for her family. No matter the reason.

She looks around the room with such love and sadness, it shook me to my core.


I watch as he tries to keep up with the younger generations. They do things so different now. He's just an old country boy who loves a simple life. He needs nothing fancy. How he loves it when the families gather together!

He remembers the past often and would love to go back but of course that isn't possible, so he remembers with stories. 

I love the stories he tells. The way his face lights up with remembrance.


He is a family man and; more so than she does; notices how lonely the house is with everyone gone.


He has worked a lifetime taking care of his family and at seventy six he, is still working. 

He has to make sure the kids; grown though they are; have plenty of food. 

He forgets his health and he knows she worries. 

He feels such despondency sometimes that occasionally he comes off as pessimistic. 

Mortality is something everyone faces eventually and he knows it. No one can hide from it. 

There is nothing he would not give for family or the disadvantaged. Some think he gives to much. He doesn't do it because he can. He does it because he has been the penurious and so has she. Besides, giving doesn't hurt anyone.


As I watch them: together: I realize they don't agree much but one could not live without the other. They are connected by something bigger.  

They, for the most part, have different ideas, thoughts, and see themselves in very different places. But always they agree on family. The love they share for each other and family is indissoluble.


I think to myself, "God has truly blessed us."


I look at them and again think, "smile, and be tremendously happy you two glorious people.


You are loved so very much. 


You have raised a small platoon that is different, diverse, eccentric and wonderful; everyone.


You have give your hearts and they are reflected back at you larger than this world.


You have nothing to fear.











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2019, Reflections

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