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March 19, 2019

We're going on a trip! Best words ever said to children.

Whats even better is it doesn't have to be elaborate or far. Children just love the adventure.

At least ours do.

Wheather hiking,

camping, fishing, day adventurers to new parks,

or over night adventurers,

our children,...

March 17, 2019

We here at Wackidawen, wish you a very Lucky, St. Patrick's Day!

How ever you choose to celebrate we wish to say 

Cheers Mates! This @Guinness is for you!

As for us? We will be putting Nicki's Leprechaun Trap

to good use and trying to catch us some wee people.

We know the w...

March 15, 2019

Teach your children lying is wrong or they'll learn the hard way.

I hate to speak with people; especially a child; and everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie.

If you don't want your business known, Im ok with that.

Say nothing. I'll get the message. However, do...

March 11, 2019

Never live your life in a box.

You, will never see every wonderful thing life has to offer if you do. Step outside your comfort zone. The bravest people are afraid of the unknown, yet they still are bold enough to take a chance. 

Know one is going to hand pack...

How do you catch a Leprechaun? Well, you have to think rich! They love gold so a gold coin is perfect bait.

Bu's school project is a Leprechaun trap. Don't this look so homely and inviting. 

All the comforts the little Irishman could want lay right here.

This little house...

March 5, 2019

 A mother and daughter bond is a beautiful thing.

Your daughter takes your heart the moment she arrives. Some of the best times you share are when they are young. Every laugh, smile,

cry, fit,

"Who used all the Blueberry Syrup?"

hug, kiss, and "I love you", will echo throu...

March 3, 2019

This week is "Dr. Seuss" week for Bu, at school. 

Today is "who hair" day. Bu is "Biyuley Boo Who."

She was so excited! Nicki did her hair up perfect. She looked like she walked right out of "Whoville."

Lu; healing nicely now; was excited for her sister and wanted her pic...

March 1, 2019

Sometimes when you get lost you end up in the most amazing magical places. That's when I usually find, I was never lost at all, but right where I was meant to be.

My husband, children, and I found the most incredible lost not, place. We, on one of our adventures to expl...

February 26, 2019

Just a quick follow up to Lu's story.

As I wrote about previously, she fractured her foot due to Kholer's Disease. 

Every day since the cast was placed on her foot she has refused to walk on it due to intense pain. 

If you read the artical I wrote about Lu's fracture you...

February 26, 2019

Stevie; my beautiful daughter; is the animal advocate for this entire family. No one else puts in as much time worrying about stray cats, and dogs as she does.

Since childhood Stevie, would bring me lost or abandoned animals. She, even found the animals that were orphan...

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